Ramadan at Hurghada … Say No More!

I’ve took the opportunity of moving to a very unique city like Hurghada since 3 years now, and this special time of the year, it comes the holy month with all its blessing to people for fast & feel the other’s suffer. But what if you’re at Hurghada and you want to enjoy your month a little different, what should you do?!, mostly Hurghada visitors at the period of Ramadan don’t do much as most of the city lives a quiet period of time, loud noises cool down, parties stops as a respect of this time of the year, etc. but still if you’re visiting Hurghada in Ramadan, you can do so much things to make your holiday more fun & be one of a kind. So take this article as a guide for you in the city at Ramadan.

As known Hurghada is one of the best coasted cities in Egypt, so since you start your days – either you’re staying in an hotel or renting an apartment -  then the beach is your destination, there are so many different beaches, either exclusive ones which will cost you little more than usual, or you can go for the normal ones which mostly cost around 30 to 50 Egyptian pounds, but if you want to go all the way for a special thing, you can always enjoy a day use at one of the exotic hotel beaches in Hurghada – that if you’re renting an apartment !!.

At the beach find all the water activities, like parasailing, water games, sure you have the sandy beach, the hot sun for a gaining a good tan color. But if you’re not a big fan of the beach, then we suggest a sea trip, and regarding that you’ve a huge list of things to do, from fishing to diving, loads and loads of adventure which sure you have to experience.

It’s a little weird of what we’re going to say here, but some people doesn’t like the water – yea we know little crazy they’re – yet we advise them for a safari trip, like going either with the quads or the jeeps into the desert & witness one of the most fascinating view which can’t be compared to anything.

So as for the night, you have a variety of options to do, starting from enjoying a dinner at one of the amazing restaurant which is either in Hurghada marina, or over the Sheraton street where you can enjoy the sea view with the amazing summer weather. Beside that, a lot of places take the chance to get some oriental shows like playing the Egyptian takht music, or some shows like belly dancers with singers singing old Arabic songs and believe us you would love this so much.

Don’t worry, the night is still young and at Ramadan, the night stays up to Sohor time, which is around 3 am, & you can stay all night one different cafes which opened recently in the city offering you & your friends the good time to enjoy there playing games & enjoying the Sohor meal !

Hurghada will never be boring city at any time of the year, it’s always fun to be there, so we wish you all Happy Ramadan & also Happy Holidays

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21 May 2018

By Karim Roushdy

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